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What We Do

MedisourceRx is an FDA Registered Outsourcing facility based in Los Alamitos, California. We are a leader in customized  sterile production for hospitals, surgery centers, and wellness clinics. In addition, we are experienced with the production of medications used in Clinical Trials.


We adhere to the stringent cGMP procedures and USP <797> requirements put forth by the FDA under the new 503b  guidelines. Our processes ensure our products are appropriately potent, sterile, and endotoxin free.

Healthcare providers, Clinical Trials Investigators considering MedisourceRx are invited to visit our facility and learn about the processes that have been instrumental in helping us to attain excellence in quality and patient safety.  We are available to discuss how we can help you improve your economic efficiency and achieve superior health outcomes.  (Call 714-455-1300)


To provide the highest quality  medications to healthcare providers that achieve excellent clinical outcomes and uphold patient safety.

We strive to be the outsourcing facility partner of choice for healthcare providers seeking quality sterile and non-sterile compounded medications.


Meet Our Staff

Who We Are
Pallavi Badkar

Director, Operations

  • M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Northeastern University

  • 10 years of sterile compounding experience and USP 797 certified

  • 13 years of Hospital Pharmacy and Retail Experience

  • Pharmacist license in 4 states in good standing

  • 1st rank in Mumbai University and awarded the best pharmacy student in May 2000

  • Promise Award winner for hard work and dedication in Saint Clare’s Hospital 2011

  • Expertise in oncology and dialysis formulations

  • ACLS and BLS certified

  • BCSCP certified